Food Faces
from Zoƫ Anderson of Portland, OR

You can make a food face with anything! I know I didn't invent this idea, but I'm sure having fun with these lately. This one is made with carrots dipped in hummus, almond butter, hard boiled egg, cucumber, english peas, red pepper, and apple. My daughter loved to rearrange the face, add new things, and she ate the whole thing!


This one has a corn cob, grilled chicken, apple slices, crackers with feta, pecans and carrots, red cabbage and grilled zucchini.

My daughter likes mustard so I added a bit as an after thought for dipping the chicken in.

After she ate what she wanted and rearranged it:


Here are some variations using many of the same ingredients: green beans, broccoli, red cabbage, carrots, scrambled egg, rice, etc. You can let your child add things to the face to make it even more appealing to them (like Braggs Amino Acid, sesame seeds or nuts).


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