(Proportions determined by you, but this recipe is guess-timated around a standard size pkg of tempeh.)

For marinade, mix together:
1-2 T Bragg’s amino acids or Tamari
1/4 Olive oil
Garlic and/or ginger (1-2 cloves) chopped into big chunks.
Optional: a splash of fish sauce and/or brown rice vinegar

Cube tempeh (into about 3/4” squares) and toss in the marinade.

Let marinate for some time (doesn’t have to be long) making sure all the tempeh gets coated. It’s nice to use a container with a lid because you can turn it upside down.

Put about a tablespoon or 2 of olive oil in a pan, med-high heat, careful not to let it start smoking.

Dump tempeh mixture into the pan when it is good and hot.
Make sure it’s evenly dispersed.

Fry till golden brown on at least 2 sides if you can manage ;)

When it’s done, sprinkle around 1 T of nutritional yeast on the cubes, evenly dispersing.

Serve with brown rice and steamed kale (or other veggies), and beans. Sprinkle chopped scallion or cilantro on top for a nice fresh touch.




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