from Laurian Rhodes of Oakland, CA

Fry up a big sliced onion in lots of olive oil with: turmeric, ground cumin, sumac, (to your taste, but probably close to 2t of each) a little curry powder, cinnamon and allspice. Add the green beans once
the onion is sort of soft. Let them fry up for a bit, then, when the time feels right, dump in a big can of chopped tomatoes and some water, about a half a can. To that, I added some powdered veggie
stock. You could just use chicken stock or beef stock, too. Let the beans simmer for a while; it's supposed to be nice and saucy, to pour over your rice. At the last few minutes of cooking, add lots of minced garlic, season with salt and black pepper. Serve over "yellow rice"; rice that is cooked with onions & turmeric and top the whole thing off with roasted almonds--YUM!

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