from John Milliken of Portland, OR

Fire up the grill
Prepare sweet corn by shucking BUT retaining the leaves at the bottom of the cob.
Remove all of the silk from each ear.
Tie the attached leaves together below the cob husk.
Brush each ear generously with olive oil.  

Assemble the following for each ear:
Grate about 1 tblsp of romano or parmesan hard cheese
Set about 1 tsp of chile powder aside
Set aside about 2-3 tsp of Aioli.

Place oiled ears on a hot grill.  Cover grill.
Leave ears lie for 3 - 4 minutes, then rotate 1/3.
Leave ears lie for 2 - 3 min., then rotate 1/3
Leave ears lie for 2 - 3 min., then rotate 1/3
Keep an eye on them.  Ears should be golden yellow or if white just a shade - a very little bit - browned

Remove ears.
Brush a thin coat of Aioli on each ear
Dust each ear with grated cheese and chile.

No butter or salt required.

Serve hot, eat and stand back for the compliments.


If this looks too ambitious for you, try out the more simple recipe below.



from Taiga Brook Sudakin of Corvallis, OR

Peel back the corn husk and remove the silk (but don't remove the husk - if 1 or 2 outer pieces of the husk fall off it's OK). Brush kernels with olive oil, replace husk around cob, and tie with kitchen string to secure.

Grill over med-high flame, turning often for about 20 minutes or until kernels are tender.

Remove husk and enjoy!

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