from Dori Midnight of San Francisco, CA

First you have to find some fresh nettles. The best way to pick them and not get stung is to approach them with a lot of respect and ask permission.

Then put on some heavy duty gloves and snip with shears into a bag. You want to pick them when they are smaller than about a foot high- and take the tops. Once they have gotten really seedy, don't bother. (If you've never been stung by nettles, you might want to try it; it is a remedy that has been used for ages for arthritis and inflammation and from experience, I must say is amazing.)

Once you have harvested your nettles, using tongs, place them into a pot to steam for 10 minutes- their sting will be gone. Put them steamed nettles into a food processor and blend til nicely pureed.

Melt butter in a pot and add the nettles, stirring til blended. Pour into jars and let cool.

I love to spread it on toast so the butter all melts and your toast turns bright green! Nettles are chock full of vitamins and minerals- they nourish and tonify your liver and help with spring allergies AND are delicious!

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