from William Pettit of Tarano, Italy

Just forage and clean roots and greens.
Then dress with olive oil, vinegar, and salt.


from wiki: Campanula rapunculus is known as Rapunzel-Glockenblume in German, and as rampion in English[18] in Etty's seed catalogue, and although classified under a different family, Campanulaceae, has a similar rosette when young, although with pointed leaves. Some English translations of Rapunzel used the word rampion. Etty's catalogue states that it was noted in 1633, an esteemed root in salads, and to be sown in April or May. The herb catalogue Sand Mountain Herbs[19] describes the root as extremely tasty, and the rosette leaves as edible, and that its blue bell-flowers[20] appear in June or July.


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