from Grace K. Anderson of Irvine, CA

This is one of my favorite and very easy summer meals I remember from my mother.  It is a cold soy bean soup based noodle dish garnished with cucumbers and sesame seeds.  It's great to have with kimchi or a spicy sauce like Siracha sauce.  The star in this dish is roasted sesame seeds.  I like to roast my own sesame seeds on the stove top in a wide pan under medium heat, stirring the seeds until they get golden.  The nutty smell and the crackling of the seeds are one of my favorite smells and sounds. 

1 cup soy beans soaked overnight
2 cups of water to 1 cup of soaked soy beans
1/3 cup roasted sesame seeds
salt to taste

3 to 4 bundles of somen noodles (these are thin white Japanese noodles made of wheat flour)

1 cucumber, thinly julienned
sesame seeds for garnish

In a blender, add two cups of water to 1 cup of soaked soy beans, roasted sesame seeds and salt.  Blend until smooth.  Add the blended soup in a pot and bring to a boil and simmer for a few minutes.  Cool and keep in the refrigerator until chilled.  Sometimes I will prepare this the night before.  The noodles take only a few minutes to boil.  Drain and rinse in cold water until the noodles are cool.  In a bowl, add the noodles and soup and, then add cucumber and roasted sesame seeds on top for garnish.

Serves 4 to 6

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