More and more people are discovering they have allergies to wheat and/or gluten. There are so many alternative grains and alt grain products out there, how do you choose? Which ones actually taste good? Which ones work best for pancakes, and which ones for pasta? Forktales is looking for your input!

Try substituting alternative grains in pancake and baking recipes. Oat flour, rye flour, rice flour, almond flour or almond meal, and cornmeal are all delicious substitutes (but not all gluten free).

Make your own corn tortillas! They are so simple and so delicious, you will wonder why you've been buying tortillas for so long.

Try brown rice pasta or quinoa pasta. If you prepare them just right you may really grow to love these alternatives.

Note: Almond Meal is not the same as Almond Flour. We tried making these Gluten Free Matzoh balls with Almond MEAL and did not have a lot of success. The mixture never really firmed up so that it could be rolled into balls, and the end result was rather ugly.


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